Consolidation services?

For shippers with less than full container loads from multiple suppliers, WINELOG’s consolidation service offers many advantages:

  1. 1Maximise container use and minimise costs when importing from various suppliers in one country.

  2. 2In many areas, we can even combine consolidate shipments from different countries.

  3. 3One set of documentation.

  4. 4Expert handling, loading and sealing.

  5. 5Consolidations either in WINELOG consolidation warehouses, or by multi-stop consolidation on wheels.

  6. 6Control of documentation, insurance and customs formalities.

Why use WINELOG EXPORT FCL services?

Providing you with the highest level of care, WINELOG offers a range of value added services including:

  1. 1Cost-effective shipping service for full container loads

  2. 2Long-term contracts with the world’s leading shipping lines, giving us considerable economies of scale

  3. 3Stable and competitive sea freight rates

  4. 4Vast and flexible choice of vessels, with multiple sailings to destinations throughout the world

  5. 5Recommendations to shippers in terms of container packing, stowage and sealing

  6. 6Bills of lading covered by the WINELOG NVO liability insurance, which helps protect the rights of shippers against carriers and vessel operators

  7. 7A range of temperature control, protection and security options to ensure your product arrives in optimum condition

  8. 8Control of documentation, insurance and customs formalities

  9. 9Stable and competitive sea freight rates 



We offer:

* Specialized logistics solutions

  1. *Weekly sailing from Valparaiso & San Antonio

* LCL and FCL freight services

* Worldwide - CY/CY, CY/CFS, CFS/CFS

* Consolidation, Trucking, Warehousing

  1. *Forwarding services for Ocean & Air shipments

* Marine Cargo Insurance

We provide:

* Cargo Booking & Pick-up

* Cargo Tracking & Tracing

* Delivery Verification

* Document Preparation & Distribution

* Export Customs Clearance

* Export Documentation Preparation

* Freight Consolidation

* Insurance Services

* Internet Notification

  1. *Ocean Transportation Intermediary


* Quality Control

  1. *Shipment Alerts & Confirmations

By using our services you get the benefit of contract pricing with out the contract commitments. Call us now for help with any of your ocean and air transport needs. You can rely on WINELOG Chile for fast, friendly and efficient service.

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